Our offers will make your eyes pop

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SCRIPT: Look normal. Pretend you are opening your Buyo email and pop your eyes once you see the deals. Exclaim “wooow”! Then look very serious, and say: “Oh crap, I can’t put my eyes back”. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH/NHS WARNS: USE BUYOMETRIC AT YOUR OWN PERIL.


Double up

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Two is always better than one. Double up on our great offers and laugh all the way to the bank.

http://fiverr.com/theadtwins/create-a-promotional-video-featuring-twins (JUST HAVE THE GIRLS LAUGH FOR THIRTY SECONDS AND BE CUTE)

Hottest deals on the internet, hand-picked for you

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TEXT: Check out other hot deals on Buyometric.co.uk

Hot deal

Injured Santa outsources the UK job to Buyometric members

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TEXT: Hi! I am Santa, greeting all Buyometric members from my home in Wichita, Kansas. I pulled a muscle at work (PLAY A SHORT DANCING VIDEO), so I am counting on your help this Christmas. You Buyometric kids better be good this year! Ho ho ho!(THE REST OF THE DANCING VIDEO) Happy holidays.


My owner went on Buyometric.co.uk and all he got me was this lousy modelling job

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My owner went on Buyometric.co.uk and all he got me was this lousy modelling job

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THE SIGN: My owner went on Buyometric.co.uk and all he got me was this lousy modelling job


 My owner went on Buyometric.co.uk and all he got me was this lousy modelling job

And the award for the best bargain hunter on Buyometric goes to..

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And the award for the best bargain hunter on Buyometric goes to..
And the award for the best bargain hunter on Buyometric goes to..


Deal or no deal? Let the community decide

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Every day we’re pulling in around 500 new deals from various sites across the web. We only list offers from reputable operators, however sometimes what looks like a great deal is proven otherwise when you start to dig into the detail. Checking the validity of each and every offer just isn’t possible for our small team, so instead we’re inviting the community to become judge and jury.

From today, every member can post their questions and comments for every deal featured on Buyometric. Have you researched an offer? Then let the community know. Is it a good or terrible deal? Let the community know. Have you found a better price? Let the community know. You get the picture.

To access the discussion pages, click the “Discuss this deal” link on your Buyometric email. If you’re browsing the website, the discussion area will be very clear on each page.

Discuss deals on Buyometric

To aid your detective work, we’ve also introduced some useful tools. For hotel and restaurant deals we’re now pulling in reviews from Yelp and Google Places. For products, you can easily share links to the same item on other websites so that other members of the community can easily see whether the price is the best available.

So how do we know who all the superheros are? Check out our new community pages for a weekly league table of the most active members of the community (you must be logged in to view this page). For each valid comment you’ll receive reputation points. The greater your reputation, the more we’ll let you engage with the website.

Top 10 Tips To Save Money On Your Holiday

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Top 10At a time when lots of us are looking to beat the gloom by planning our summer holiday, we thought we’d help you make the most of your money by revealing our top ten money saving tips.

Tip 1: Forget last minute booking!

Ten years ago, last minute booking was the way to get the best prices (remember Lastminute.com?) – but those days are over. Due to finely-tuned discounting throughout the year, if you book at the last minute you now risk being left with the accommodation nobody wants. And nobody wants to be held to ransom by budget airlines for your last minute flights. Ever since Boxing Day the leading tour operators such as Virgin Holidays, Thomas Cook, The Co-Operative Travel and Expedia have been advertising 10-30% off their holidays. And even more deeply discounted deals are already here, with savings in the 30-60% range – if you know where to look for them. To help you keep track of deeply discounted holiday deals from Groupon, Living Social, Wowcher, Secret Escapes and many more, we’ve created special pages that are constantly updated. Choose from Europe and the Med, Longhaul or UK breaks under £100. We’ve also designed a discount travel search – just enter your search criteria and check back as often as you can.

The deals on all these pages are updated daily from sources such as Groupon, Living Social, Wowcher, Secret Escapes and many more – meaning you only have to check one place for a selection from across all of these.

Tip 2: Know the school holiday dates – and avoid them if you can

If you don’t have kids this knowledge is priceless as it can save you hundreds of pounds if you avoid the holidays. This year, for England at least, Half Term is likely to be 18th-22nd February, and the Easter holidays are likely to be the first 2 weeks of April. Summer Half Term will be the 27th-31st May, and the Summer holidays are likely to start from 19th July and right the way through to the end of August. Holiday dates are different in Scotland, with the summer break starting as early as the end of June until the third week of August. Up-market all-inclusive Mediterranean beach-based activity holidays with companies like Mark Warner can be fantastic value if – but usually only if – you travel at either end of the season and avoid the school holidays. You may also want to check out their “Big Summer Sale” running until 31st January.

Tip 3: Don’t fall for pricing gimmicks – look at the total price

Check the full cost really stacks up against the competition before falling for headline prices that seem too good to be true. Offers such as ‘Kids go free’ which sound attractive, aren’t always what they seem and the overall price can sometimes be even higher than comparable alternatives, so do your homework.

Tip 4: Consider countries which might sound a bit risky

For instance Croatia is a well-kept secret but many don’t consider it because of the war that took place there over 20 years ago. Today it’s just as stylish as Greece or the Balearics and has wonderfully well-preserved coastal towns. The island of Hvar is a stunner and only a short hop by ferry from Split. Another well-kept secret is Slovenia, the only country in Europe that combines the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain and the Karst.

Tip 5: Go to the mountains, not the beaches

In the mountains near the Med the climate is wonderful during the summer as the extra altitude takes away the worst of the heat. Once the snow is gone, many European ski resorts offer cheap summer accommodation. The chalets and ski resorts of Europe offer some of the best value holiday accommodation out of season like Grindlewald in Switzerland, The Burgenland in Austria or Luz Saint Sauveur in France among others.

Tip 6: Find a specialist holiday company which caters just for you and strips out what you don’t value

For instance if you’re traveling alone you can save money on single supplements by booking with a specialist tour operator such as Solos Holidays. If you want a walking holiday but don’t need a guide, choose a self-guided walking specialist such as Macs Adventure, who offers many European trips including the Tour du Mont Blanc. On the French Atlantic island of Ile de Ré you can find some great-value apartments. This is a great budget choice, offering superb beaches, a long summer season and great cycling across flat paths that crisscross the island.

Tip 7: Go outside the Euro zone

The cheapest Euro zone destinations are Athens, Prague and Rome, but be wary of Venice if you’re looking to watch the purse strings.Northern Cyprus is a great destination for cheap holidays because it’s outside the Euro zone – it uses the Turkish lira. Prices on the ground are remarkably low and you’ll find some great special offers.

Similarly Turkey and Bulgaria offer affordability and a fantastic destination for culture, food and activities, while Budapest and Warsaw are the cheapest cities. Be wary of Oslo, Zurich and the most expensive European city Stockholm.

The cheapest Euro zone destinations are Athens, Prague and Rome, but be wary of Venice if you’re looking to watch the purse strings. 

Tip 8: Go a little further afield

If you just want cheap sun on a one-week or two-week package, we recommend Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, a five-hour flight from the UK. Tunisia also has great beaches, delicious food and good-value hotels, though it can get a bit chilly in the mid-winter months. It’s better in October or March. The Canary Islands are popular choices and with good reason. The flight is 4-5 hours but the climate is excellent. Tenerife has a great variety of destinations from lively package resorts to charming country hotels. For nature lovers, we suggest La Palma, for walking, culture and quiet beaches. We also recommend The Gambia on the west coast of Africa – six hour flying time from the UK, with excellent beaches, friendly hotels and plenty of excursions on your doorstep. The Cape Verde islands are also great value.

Long haul options include Thailand where it’s possible to get by without spending too much at all.

Tip 9: Use the shoulder seasons to your advantage

The Aegean coast of Turkey has a very long season, as does Malta. A little further afield, Egypt has superb autumn and winter weather with near guaranteed sunshine, even in January. We also recommend Morocco, which combines great weather with cultural treasures and fascinating street life.

Tip 10: Go overseas without going abroad

The Isle of Wight is often overlooked, but it has a great diversity of sights, beaches and great-value places to stay, ideal for families. Steeped in history with 60 miles of stunning unspoilt scenery and a wealth of attractions, the Isle of Wight has something for everyone. From historic sites to music festivals and major national events, it’s a unique holiday destination.

How do you fight a recession?

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The recession has paved the way for the development of defensive measures that will turn your wallet into free money for those who know how to benefit from it. While financiers are bathing in champagne and beautiful people, common mortals are relegated to finding a way out of these tricky times. Curiously, though the recession has affected most businesses, it has also demonstrated humanity’s ability to think outside the box. In the spirit of fighting back, we thought we’d give you a bit of a heads up on some of the ways this is affecting us and how to counter it.


This widely renowned feature of Arab souks is not only reserved for your exotic holidays. Outdoor markets during your weekend shopping? You’ll be surprised how much of a discount merchants are ready to give if only you ask for it and are willing to negotiate. Mysterious “administration fees” upon the signing of a contract whether it’s gym membership or something else? You’ll often be able to get these lifted if you can go about it smartly. Remember, you can always take your business somewhere else, so never feel pressured into a sale and remember you can walk away. Sales reps will often have more room to negotiate than you’d think, a fact which for obvious reasons, isn’t well publicised. Hint, if you’re paying asking price for a car on auto trader, you’re doing it wrong.

Cash versus cards

How often do you go to the supermarket and end up stocking up on unhealthy snacks, unnecessary kitchen gadgets and things you just don’t want? You end up with a hefty bill as well as a cholestorol-inducing pantry. To avoid  this, go shopping hungry and only take the cash you’r willing to spend with you. You’ll feel more inspired by the food you see and you’ll have to fit all of your purchases into your budget which can’t be stretched, unlike when you head in with your card.

Keep up with debt!

Interest… It’s a simple word, yet it encompasses so many things that affect your household. The average UK household has £53,706 of debt, most often in mortgages, credit cards and if you’re lucky enough, even a bit of student debt. Hopefully, your household is not struggling too much to pay it off, but if you can afford it, you should raise your repayments as much as possible. Indeed, interest accrues over time, so the faster you pay off that debt, the less it will cost you in the long run. Remember, paying back your balance is honouring an agreement. Paying back interest is akin to throwing money out of the window and this isn’t jack and the beanstalk, and that money isn’t magic beans!!


If you’ve managed to jump through the hoops and get your driving licence, chances are that you own and drive a car. It’s been estimated that running a car in the UK can cost on average £6,000 a year. This figure can vary depending on your motor’s appetite for fuel and your insurance companies take on your appetite for road rage, but it comes down to a hefty figure for your household each month. In order to cut down on that spend, consider the following:

- Pay your insurance yearly instead of monthly, otherwise you’ll often be charged a 15-20% premium for the “privilege.” Don’t buy it directly, use a broker such as a website or someone who specializes in insurance broking.

- Drive more gently. This means letting your car slow down without braking violently and not accelerating madly. You’ll make great savings on your fuel and you’ll give those brake pads a bit of respite.

- Avoid parking your car under the sun. If you can, park your car in the shadows. Even though this is the UK, when the sun is hitting on your car for a few hours, this causes it to heat up and makes petrol evaporate. Save yourself a trip to the station and put your car in the shade.

- Get an auto-savvy friend to teach you some of the basics of car maintenance. You shouldn’t intervene with a loose part in your motor, but simply knowing how to change the oil will save you from the strong markup you get at the garage.

Relationship tension

There comes a time when you and your significant other will be drawn to make a purchase that requires an agreement from both parties. This could be a car, a new TV or a kitchen. In all likelihood, you probably won’t reach a consensus that easily. It’s doubtful that once the purchase has been made, you’ll go out and buy a 2nd version  so both of you can agree – i’ve tried, and fitting 2 kitchens in one room is definitely not recommended!  If you do want to reach an agreement and avoid becoming the mayor of couch city for a month, then your best option during the consideration process is to filter out options that only appeal to one side. Doing this will enable you to drastically minimize buyers remorse on either side and avoid that feeling that you’ve been pressured into something you didn’t want. If in doubt, remember…what a woman wants, she’ll always get…somehow…

Bulk Buy vs love handles

Websites like Groupon leverage the power of bulk-buying to give you great discounts on products and services. However, this approach only works when multiple parties are involved. Let’s take an example involving your children. You want to make them as happy as possible but also take care of your finances. In that case, how did that multipack of crisps work out? Yep, it lasted just the same amount of time but you now have to deal with empty packs strewn all around the house and your kids’ stomach pains. Bulk-buying can come as a real advantage, whether it’s washing liquid or shower gel, but do yourself and your body a favour, don’t stock up on temptation.

You’re making fun of techie fanboys

Back in 2007, the iPhone was a revolution. It brought a modern experience of mobile to mass market and ensured that Apple was a name to reckon with. Fast forward 5 years, and the iPhone 5 is also a revolution. Indeed, released just a year after the 4s, it brings highly futuristic features such as a 4 inch screen, 2 more hours of battery life, and the inability to borrow an iPhone charger from a friend who hasn’t yet upgraded. As much as we’d like to believe this could only be the result of millions of pounds of investment and totally justifies a £500 price tag, it’s also safe to say that you could also go ahead and buy a 4s which has now been discounted as a result of the iPhone 5′s release and still have an award winning piece of technology in your grasp. Don’t always rush for the latest and greatest, these days, technology is moving so fast, it doesn’t have time to leave its predecessors behind so bag a bargain without the price tag.

You’re getting healthier and happier

Research has shown that in harder times, we make better spending decisions. However, this instinctive behavior also leads to increased well-being during a recession. When you’re cutting down on your expenses, a homemade meal is much cheaper and healthier than the afterwork drinks/fast food diet your body thrives upon during peaceful times of economic expansion. While you are exposed to the grand scheme of things and witness the increasing amounts of misery around, your day to day problems start to seem less of an issue as well. Do you really care that your partner brought back decaf instead of real coffee? With penguins dying all around the world, you’re just going to enjoy that coffee and meditate on world peace. You’re also going to be wanting more bang for your buck and to become an increasingly savvy shopper. That’s why you should take a tour around the Buyometric website and treat yourself to something special.

In the mean time, we’ll be in London Bridge working on more ways to cut down your stress everyday. So if you want to send flowers or alternatively just sign up with us, you’ll be doing yourself some good and scoring a place on that tropical island we want to buy but haven’t been able to take care of just yet.